Daniel Miremont, Compliance EnviroSystems LLC

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Compliance EnviroSystems LLC is a full service sewer and wastewater analysis, testing, and maintenance service. A variety of services are provided by highly skilled technicians and analysts in order to determine the effectiveness and condition of sewerage and wastewater systems. In the event that any problems are found, CES can also help to remedy these problems. Possible problems include manhole overflow as well as internal or underground flooding; problems that can be costly in terms of outgoing expenditure and also in terms of environmental fines.

Backed by president Daniel Miremont, CES will also help draw up grant applications and deal with the necessary administrative work that often accompanies this process. Daniel Miremont has extensive experience working within this field, giving benefit especially to those clients that may otherwise struggle to pay for much needed repairs, maintenance, or upgrading of their facilities. Some of the work can prove costly and a lot of companies find it difficult to invest sums of money in these types of project without external assistance; this is where grants and grant applications are especially beneficial.

Once grant approval has been obtained and the necessary funding is in place, professional technicians, engineers, and analysts can be called upon to monitor and analyze your wastewater and sewage systems. In the event that any problems are found, CES is also highly proficient and experienced in the provision of necessary repairs or upgrades. Through Daniel Miremont and his team at CES you can enjoy optimum performance from wastewater and sewage systems.

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